Zero3 srl 

was born as an innovative START-UP in 2018 with the aim of designing, building, supplying and managing systems for maximum energy recovery and maximizing efficiency in the production of energy from renewable sources. ZERO3 is a licensee of patents that create innovative and cutting-edge technical and technological solutions in the environmental and energy field with proven results.


The ZERO3 professionals have gained experience and expertise necessary to propose a new approach to services in the energy and environmental field, they support and follow the customer scrupulously, guaranteeing effective and efficient consulting services in order to provide valid growth and development tools for companies. 

Marco Antonini  

Administrator and Founding Partner of ZERO3 S.R.L. Master's degree in construction engineering at the University of Alma Mater in Bologna. 20-year working activity in the sector of management of technological systems for waste treatment and disposal, where he has played for a long time the role of manager and co-technical director. RSPP enabling for all ATECO macro sectors. Certified technician for non-destructive tests level 2 TT civil electrical process analysis (UNI EN ISO 97 12:12).

Francesca Sandrini 

Founding partner of ZERO3 S.R.L. Degree in Environmental and Resource Engineering at the University of Alma Mater in Bologna. He has gained five years of technical-logistic-administrative experience with a sector company specializing in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. For another 10 years he worked in an integrated non-hazardous waste management company, assuming for a long time the role of manager of the integrated quality, environment and workplace safety management systems and related certifications. For over 10 years he has carried out freelance activities in engineering, energy, environmental and workplace safety matters. RSPP enabling for all ATECO macro sectors.