Biogas Collector in HDPE 

is a light modular system in the shape of a truss beam for the collection of biogas generated from waste


a. Traditional collector systems need to be placed on concrete foundations. that guarantee flat support during all the cultivation (and post closure) phases of the landfill

b. Traditional collector systems are difficult to disassemble and their reuse is not easy

c. The progress of landfill cultivation involves a continuous adjustment in the number and distribution of the collection lines with the consequent need for additional collector systems

d. Traditional collector systems are heavy and their components are not easy and quick to replace in case of maintenance

e. Most traditional manifold systems are equipped with valves that do not allow good regulation of biogas

f. Traditional collector systems are made of steel alloy to withstand working conditions in aggressive environments but are not free from corrosion

g. There is a diversity of deformation of the components of traditional collectors (in steel alloy) and of the pipes connected to them (HDPE pipes) due to temperature changes due to the climate and solar radiation

h. Traditional collector systems in steel alloy have significant costs


a. The HDPE biogas collector can be positioned stably on any type of surface and slope thanks to its adjustable support feet that also allow the correct outflow of the condensate that is created inside the collector

b. It is modular, decomposable, the individual elements can be easily separated and easily reused for the construction of the system in another position

c. Modularity allows you to increase or reduce the size of the system quickly and according to the needs arising from the progress of landfill cultivation

d. It is made of light material (HDPE), quickly and easily removable and also portable

e. The HDPE biogas collector is equipped with special valves that allow fine and precise regulation

f. It is made with HDPE material completely free from corrosion phenomena

g. Both the collector and the pipes connected to it are made of HDPE material and, due to temperature changes due to climate and solar radiation, have completely similar deformations

h. The HDPE biogas collector is cheaper because it is made of less expensive material than steel; moreover, having the shape of a lattice beam it is absolutely resistant and does not require any support structure.

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